To My Dear Clients,

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to write you all a letter like this. The last two veterinary practice changes that I have made were not easy decisions, mainly because it left my clients behind without notice. I am grateful that the internet helped many of you find me and follow me to Dedham Veterinary Associates.

Today, I am writing to tell you that I am making another change. However, this decision has been a long time coming and I am happy to inform you that I am staying within the same hospital group! I will be moving to DVA’s sister practice, Buzzards Bay Veterinary Associates, in Buzzards Bay, MA beginning this fall.

I have been practicing veterinary medicine full time for almost 30 years now and I enjoy the wonderful relationships I have with you all, your pets, and your families. I am also so grateful and humbled by all of you that have chosen to follow me over the years.

My husband and I have been evaluating our lives as our boys have grown into adults and are now getting ready to go out into the world on their own. We have considered where we want to be in the “next stage” of our lives and we have been considering Cape Cod for a long time. I have been in discussions with the leadership team of DVA and BBVA for many years and am so grateful to have had their support in this transition long before it became a reality.

I know that you are all now well established in the wonderful practice that is Dedham Veterinary Associates and if Cape Cod is a bit too far of a drive, I encourage you to stay with DVA. As you know, the team is outstanding and your pets are in phenomenal hands with any of the veterinarians here. However, I also welcome you with open arms to follow me to Buzzards Bay Veterinary Associates.

I want to thank you, my clients and patients, for being so supportive and understanding throughout my career path. I have been honored and blessed to have been able to practice such high quality medicine in an area where there are also so many wonderful specialists to collaborate with. I will continue to maintain these relationships and be a resource for you in that regard. I also look forward to being nearby to another group of renowned specialty veterinarians and their talented teams at Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists.

I will greatly miss the neighborhood I grew up in as a vet, but I am also very excited to begin a new phase of my life and career in a place that my family has been dreaming about.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions you have. I would be more than happy to help you and guide the transition to another veterinarian at DVA, or to give you more information about my move to BBVA.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart,

Sandy Higgins, DVM

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