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The entire Dedham veterinary team thanks you for your kind words.

Our family wants to send a special thank you out to Dr. Gillece and everyone at Dedham Veterinary Associates for being so wonderful to Kaycee, Lola, and our family. Our Kaycee passed away this month after 18 wonderful years of love. Dr. Gilleece has been so supportive and caring. She is dedicated, caring, and always takes time to call and check in when needed. Dr. Gilleece listens and continuously goes above and beyond for her patients and their families. We are lucky to have Dr. Gilleece and all of you taking care of Lola and her family. Thank you for all you do and for always being here for us especially during this pandemic….you are all AMAZING!
Patricia V.

We met Dr. Auerbach and her assistant and they were absolutely AMAZING! So nice and patient. Dr. Auerbach provided us with comprehensive explanations and tips, immediately identified some health issues with our puppy as well as some issues with few meds we were recommended by our breeder. She always available for additional questions when we call. That you so much 🌸
Violet K.

Very happy with Dedham Veterinary Associates. Great staff and they are always attentive. I love that they follow up and are very accommodating. So glad we have them for our Cooper!

Scott M.

My dog Shadow has received excellent care from all of the staff no matter what vet we have visited and even when we have to visit a specialist they are always amazing. I have been going to them with my own dog for almost 17 years but as a kid we always brought our dogs here as well.

Caren B.

I have had wonderful experiences with all of the employees here. Everyone is incredibly helpful, caring, and knowledgeable, whether it be during check in, calling in for help, or coming in for a visit. I love my doggies and it makes me feel so much better bringing them to a place I trust!

Rachel W.

Seau has been going here since we adopted him from Tufts! 8 + years. He loves all the ladies!

Maria T.

The staff is so nice and you can tell they enjoy what they do! Appointments are always convenient with reminders. My cats are so comfortable coming here.

Maren L.

These techs and docs take great care of my very high maintenance pets and have been for 15 years.

Anne F.

Everyone my husband and I have met and interacted with at DVA have been nothing short of amazing. From the receptionists to the vet techs to the veterinarians, we’ve always had positive experiences. Our beloved dog “Silky” (a silky terrier) is a tough little girl. She’s hard to handle and doesn’t have the nicest disposition. However everyone at DVA has been great with her whenever we bring her in. They know exactly how to handle her. They listen to our concerns and give us their suggestions and ask for ours. They’re sincerely concerned for the comfort and safety of Silky. We also know that they need to take precautions to protect themselves. They are extremely gentle with her. They’re professional, knowledgeable, kind and have a great sense of humor.

Another experience I’d like to share, it was very touching…
The staff at DVA showed me a kindness and compassion that I never expected. About 6 years ago I was devastated when I had to make the tough decision to put my cat Pookie down. I was there my mother. The Staff at DVA was so kind. They gave me all the time I needed alone with her to say goodbye. I wasn’t rushed out. They showed empathy. About a week or two later, I received a sympathy card in the mail. From DVA. Saying they were sorry for my loss of my cat Pookie. Never have I ever experienced such a personal sentiment from a veterinary office. Now I’m not sure if they are still doing that, but that was very special and it was a beautiful thing to do. Thank you for that DVA.

Melissa T.

I can’t imagine my visit being any better. Several vets could not determine what was wrong with Bosco. I could not get an appointment with a surgeon to see Bosco at any location until mid to late July. The surgeon at Tufts told me to try Dr. Harvey, whom I will forever call the “Dr. House” for cats. DVA called me right back, gave us an appointment right away, and were very helpful. Dr. Harvey spent time with Bosco, listened to my feedback, asked questions and had some idea of what it might be – quite different than what the other vets thought. His hunch was correct, and he came back with Bosco and showed me the literature as well as the x rays. He prescribed a steroid for the swelling in his spine and we finally began to see some relief for Bosco. I am so grateful I found Dr. Harvey, truly a gifted and experienced vet!
Cathy G.

So thrilled with the consistently excellent care we get and with the amazingly kind and caring staff. Very grateful for everyone at Dedham Vet Associates!

Megan M.

The Folks At Dedham Veterinary Associates are EXCELLENT. Our cat Abbey had developed worms. We were willing to wait till Saturday but the vet wanted to see her right. Had appointment 30 Min later and everything got fixed. Not just the Doctors but the staff are EXCELLENT. Thank you
Steve C.

Dedham Vet saved my puppies life today ♡ When we brought her in she was lethargic and hypothermic. 8 hours in their care and she is back to her usual hyper self! Thank you guys so much.
Kaytee K.

I have been going to the Dedham Veterinary Associates for years and have received excellent care from all of the Vets. The staff is always friendly and professional.

Mildred D.

Chris and I have always been pleased with the care that Frankie receives at Dedham Veterinary Associates. The Dr’s are always attentive and ask good questions, and the rest of the team always takes good care of him whenever he is there for care. I do acknowledge that the care is on the pricier side, however you pay for what you get. I have been to other practices in the area, where the price may be less but so is the level of care. We have remained with them for that reason, even though we have to drive over from Dorchester.

David W.

I walked into to register CeCe and was lucky to get an appointment then, waited a few minutes and then was seen. I was quite happy with the exam and everything else. The staff is wonderful! Thank you!
Annie S.

I was very happy with the care that my cat, Maeve, received. The entire staff was very professional, welcoming and intelligent. I am a nurse and can be critical of care. I was totally impressed by the care and follow-up. Dr. Mason called to check on Maeve’s progress. Her advice worked and my cat is great. I will return for her regular care.
Michaela D.

Fig is a rather difficult cat to handle but Dr. Mason and assistant handled her with great care and gentleness. I appreciate their willingness to let her wander around the room freely. I also appreciate Dr. Mason’s kindness in calling to tell me the results of the lab tests so quickly.
Rob R.

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