Hospice And Euthanasia Services

Dedham Veterinary Associates understand that facing an end of life situation for your pet is one of the most difficult decisions you may ever have to make. Our team is passionate and committed to helping you through these situations in any way we can. As a veterinary team and as fellow pet owners, we understand the progression of disease and aging, so you can count on us to be compassionate, empathetic, and non-judgemental when it comes to your decision. Our team is always ready to listen and guide you. We offer hospice consultations and quality of life exams in which you and your family discuss all questions and concerns in detail with your veterinarian.

Hospice Care:

Unfortunately, there are certain situations where you may be told that there is no further treatment a veterinarian can provide to improve your pet’s health. That does not always mean euthanasia is the only option. Our team is dedicated to working with you and your pet’s diagnosis to provide the best care possible, including the following:

  • Our veterinarians will discuss your pet’s diagnosis, home life and your family’s lifestyle to help come up with a balanced hospice care plan.
  • Our entire team will stay in close communication with you as your pet’s diagnosis progresses. This will ensure that your pet is continuously on a correct management regimen.
  • Management of incontinence
  • Bandage and wound care
  • Education about the end-stage disease process
  • Pain recognition and treatment
  • Subcutaneous fluids
  • Supplementary nutrition


Saying goodbye to your pet is never easy. You can count on the Dedham Veterinary Associates team to be empathetic and compassionate during this tough time. We are dedicated to making this transition as smooth as possible for your pet and your family. Cremation and burial services In order to help ease the transition of your pets passing, we offer cremation and burial services through Angel View Pet Cemetery & Crematory, located in Middleboro, MA. Angel View offers a variety of options that the Dedham Veterinary Associates team would be happy to go over with you at any time.

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