Dedham Veterinary Associates offers various surgical services, including most dentistry services, spaying, neutering, cherry eye repair, soft palate, and nares.

As a comprehensive facility, we strive to make the latest in veterinary diagnostics and therapeutics available to our clients. We provide patient comfort, care, and security through our fully equipped hospital and our staff is fully trained to assist our veterinarians in recognizing problems quickly and accurately.

Our facility offers:

  • A state of the art surgical suite and diagnostic facilities with our trained and certified veterinary technicians to monitor your pet’s needs during all procedures.
  • ISO unit (pet isolation ward)
  • A well-equipped laboratory that enables us to perform testing quickly and accurately, and provides you with timely results for your pet.
  • Complete dental care for teeth cleaning and extractions which is overseen by our dental technicians and doctors.
  • Surgical laser available for surgical procedures.

Surgical procedures we offer:

  • Feline and Canine spay and neuters
  • Dental procedures including extractions
  • Growth and mass removals (simple and complex)
  • Wound or laceration repair
  • Cystotomy
  • Foreign Body

How can we help you?

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